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Transcript from Patrice Bergeron's Media Availability on 7/2

Tuesday, 07.02.2013 / 12:20 PM / Features
Boston Bruins
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Transcript from Patrice Bergeron\'s Media Availability on 7\/2

Patrice Bergeron Media Availability Transcript
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On how he is feeling…
Good. I’m feeling a lot better. I guess the ribs and the shoulder now just needs to get some time to rest but it’s a lot better.

On a timeline of how all his injuries happened…
Sure. It first happened in Game 4 in Chicago on—I guess my cartilage must have torn in the corner there against I think it was Frolik [Michael Frolik]. So that’s when it started. Obviously, it escalated because I kept playing. I didn’t have time to heal it so in Game 5, I think it was the first or second shift, I got hit again right on the ribs and that’s when I’m sure it cracked and it got worse. So, I tried to go back in the second and after the second period the doctors were— because the pain kept escalating—they were worried about this pain so we had to go to the hospital and get it checked but everything was fine. So I got back home and got ready for Game 6. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to play but I went to see some doctors and was able to have some—obviously it’s the right city to get some great help. I got someone to do a nerve block on my ribs. It got worse there from the game. I separated my shoulder in the first period of Game 6. That’s the timeline.

On when the puncture in his lung occurred…
Honestly, it’s hard to know. It’s not before the first period for sure because we took some x-rays to make sure after the nerve block that the lungs were fine. But it could have been—I got some more during the game because the pain was coming back so it could have been from getting the nerve block or from the rib being cracked and getting checked. I’m guessing during the game because I felt my energy level went down during the game after the second period.

On when he found out about the cracked rib whether if it was when he came back from Chicago…
It felt like it honestly because the pain had got worse and we couldn’t see it on the x–ray. Sometimes that doesn’t mean it’s not cracked so then I went to see a specialist and he thought for sure there was a crack in there. Once we did the nerve block, I played Game 6 and yeah it broke for sure.

On if he went to the hospital immediately after Game 6…

On if that is when they found out about the punctured lung…
Exactly. So after Game 6, I kind of had trouble breathing a little bit. I felt like my chest was closing in on me so the doctors didn’t want to take any chances. There’s an x-ray machine here, but they couldn’t tell really. It wasn’t clear enough for them. They wanted to make sure and luckily enough they made the right decision because I went there right away and they found out that my lung had collapsed.

On if he needs any surgeries this summer like for his shoulder…
Yeah, no surgeries on the shoulder. It’s just separated. It’s just going to heal. I’m going to need, obviously, some treatments. I’m going to have to do that and the rib and the cartilage but there’s no treatment for it. It’s more—take time to rest it and make sure it heals on its own.

On what shoulder was hurt…
It is the right shoulder. It’s the left side on my ribs.

On if he thinks he will be ready for training camp…
Yeah. I should be fine for camp for the beginning of camp for sure. Hopefully but I’m pretty positive that I will be. I just need to I guess a couple weeks—like two or three weeks I’m guessing. I don’t know. I don’t have a straight answer for you because I’m not sure, but I’ll go with how it goes.

On if there was a procedure that doctors did to inflate the lung…
Yeah so exactly. So right away I guess they found that out. The specialist came and did a procedure on me. They had to I guess put a hole in through my rib cage and put a tube in there. I think it was in the lung area in between the rib cage and the lung. It’s air I guess that takes the space of the lung. That’s why the lung kind of shrinks. The tube is put in place to suck the air out so there’s a machine that sucks the air out of it to make sure that the lung expands and take its place where it should be. They need to leave that there for a couple days and make sure it’s not going to shrink back. That’s why I stayed for three days at the hospital.

On his mindset going into Game 6 and if he thought he should shut it down…
No in my mind for sure I wanted to play. I was hoping for the pain to go down, but it wasn’t the case so after Game 5 I was in a lot of pain, but the next day I was just trying to find a way to manage the pain I guess. It was definitely there and on Game 6 we met with the doctors and they were trying to tell me that the only way I could play was to have a nerve block. Otherwise, the pain would be too high and so I did that in order to play.

On if he had any lower body issues…
No it’s all good. So I’m 100 percent lower body, yeah.

On Jaromir Jagr getting shots to play in Game 6 and if there was a line for treatment…
Yeah, at this time of year a lot of guys need some help from the doctors. They did a great job. I don’t know if there was a line because I was just there on my own getting treated, but, like I’ve said before, I wasn’t the only one that was going through pain and some bruises and all that. Even Chicago, I’m sure, was the same. I don’t know, but I’m sure it is at this point after two months of games like we’ve played.

On if he has met any teammates since Game 6…
After Game 6, I went to the hospital. No one knew, really. At first I just got dressed and I went to the hospital, I didn’t tell anyone. So no one found out. The next day no one really knew, but they had the exit meeting and obviously the media with you guys. They found out so they went to visit me that same day and it was actually nice to see a bunch of guys and be able to talk a little bit.

On if he knew right after the game he had to go to the hospital…
At that point, I wasn’t sure yet. I think I spoke to you guys right after. I think I had that issue with my breathing and the sensation that my rib cage was creeping in on my lungs. But still I didn’t know, no.

On what his teammates said about him…
Well it means a lot, but at the same time I know all the guys would have done the same thing. I know that at this point, at this stage that you are at, you do everything to win. You put everything on the line to help your team. That's basically what I did. I’m one hundred percent confident everyone else would have done the same thing, so I don't think I should – there’s a lot of really tough guys on our team and I don't feel like I should take all the praise. Because I’m not the only one that would have done that.

On that being the most injured he’s ever played…
Yeah. It is, yeah.

On the nerve block…
So I got that before warmups, and I went on to play the first period. So they try to block basically the whole area, probably I would say six to eight ribs, and I was playing the first period. I was trying to just play my game and not worry about it, but the pain was still there. It was creeping again, and it was getting worse so I had to get another one. Well some more shots and some more blocking. It did help a little bit, but at the end of the day I guess it wasn't enough.

On if he thought he could have made it to a Game 7…
At that point I thought so. I was like I’m just going to do the same thing again all over and hopefully I can go through it, but now that I can look back I would have been in the hospital so I wouldn't have been able to play the game. But it was a tough way to lose, especially late in the game like that. Everybody thought we had it.

On a possible extension…
It would mean a lot. That's the goal since the beginning. It's a team that believed in me when I was 18 and when I was coming up and now, like I said before, it’s my home. I feel like it is, and I love the city. I love the people. Definitely love the organization. So it would mean a lot to me, and hopefully we can work something out.

On his confidence in working things out…
Yeah, I am. I just don't know how long it’s going to take. I’m very confident, yeah.

On how the shoulder injury happened…
I think it was – I can’t remember who it was from their team – but it was in the corner, trying to just battle and I was trying to protect my ribs, and I fell kind of awkwardly in the boards and opened up my shoulder a bit and separated it.

On his take on the changes to the team…
It's a first probably the first time in five years that there’s going to be some changes like that. But I guess it's the business we’re in. It’s the salary cap world, especially this year. It's a lot different, especially with the salary cap going down. You don't want it, but it was something that had to happen. But it’s unfortunate because you want to keep all these guys, especially these two guys. They were a huge part of our team and our leadership group. I wish them obviously all the best. They’re great guys, but at the same time you have to definitely trust Peter [Chiarelli]. He’s done a great job over the years, and I’m sure he’s going to do the same thing again.

On Peter’s Chiarelli's criticism of Tyler Seguin…
I didn't read - I didn't see his comments. I think Tyler’s [Seguin] a young guy still. He’s got a lot to learn, but at the same time he’s improved. At that stage when you’re learning like that it’s going to happen. You need to make sure you learn from it though and find a way to get better. That's the main thing with him. I think it’s just about finding ways to battle through it and find ways and build some character out of it. He’s a terrific player, terrific person. It’s just some times you need to have some lows to get back up and feel better and play better. I thought he was really good the way that he helped us. He found a way, even though he was scoring as much as he would have liked to. He was still battling hard and doing things – little details that you don't always see on the score sheet. But that goes a long way that wasn't going unnoticed from us as players and as teammates and, like I said, he’s a terrific young player so he’s going to learn.

On the sense of pride in playing through injuries…
I don't know if there’s pride. Some people would say its stupid, but it just goes with the way it is. You don't think at that point. You’re just trying to help the team. You try to do whatever it takes. You obviously don't want to put your health in danger. We had this conversation with the doctors. You never know what’s going to happen in a game so there’s always a risk but at the same time, it’s our passion. It’s what you want to do. You want to definitely win, that's the most important thing and at that stage, at that point. There’s no regrets on my part I’ll tell you that, but I don't know if there’s necessarily pride. I just did whatever any other of my teammates would have done. Like you said, there’s other guys that have done it. Soupy [Gregory Campbell] is one example, this year only and Rex [Mark Recchi] was a perfect example as well. So that's it. I did whatever I could’ve done to help my team and try to be there for our biggest game of the year




1 MTL 61 40 16 5 167 135 85
2 TBL 62 37 19 6 203 167 80
3 DET 59 33 15 11 173 154 77
4 BOS 60 29 22 9 158 158 67
5 FLA 61 26 22 13 145 172 65
6 OTT 58 25 23 10 166 161 60
7 TOR 61 25 31 5 170 185 55
8 BUF 62 19 38 5 120 207 43


P. Bergeron 59 17 25 2 42
L. Eriksson 59 14 20 1 34
D. Hamilton 60 10 24 -1 34
C. Soderberg 60 10 24 5 34
B. Marchand 55 17 15 6 32
R. Smith 60 12 20 8 32
M. Lucic 59 12 20 10 32
T. Krug 56 11 19 4 30
D. Krejci 38 7 19 7 26
C. Kelly 58 7 18 8 25
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N. Svedberg 5 5 0 .915 2.43
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