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Transcript from Boston Bruins Media Availability on 6/21

Friday, 06.21.2013 / 5:21 PM ET / Boston Bruins Media Website
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Transcript from Boston Bruins Media Availability on 6\/21
Friday, June 21, 2013

On going back to Chicago tied at 2-2…
It’s tough, but we know we can do it. We have a good enough team. We just have to be ready. It’s going to be a battle.

On Carl Soderberg skating on the Merlot Line…
We’ll see what the changes are going to be like. We have to wait and see, but we have confidence in every player we have.

On the send-off…
It’s great. It shows big support. They’re behind us through the whole playoffs. We really appreciate it.

On having success on the road in the playoffs…
It’s huge. You need to be able to win games on the road. It’s something that good teams go to do, and certainly we’ve done it once, so we’ve got to do our best to do it again.

On getting ready for Game 5…
Yeah, we’ve got to focus on tomorrow, hopefully get the win and have a chance to finish it at home.

On how confident the team is right now…
Really confident. I think that’s one of our good qualities as a team. We never let things bother us.

On having already won in Chicago…
Yeah, I guess it helps some kind of confidence there, but it’s still going to be a tough one.

On Carl Soderberg skating with the Merlot Line…
Good for him.

On fatigue becoming a factor…
I don’t know. I mean, you play a lot of hockey obviously. It gets tough. But it’s still the Finals, so we’ll find the energy no matter what.

On a day off helping put Game 4 in the past…
Yeah, I think so. It’s good for us to regain our energy and get our focus back. You’re always going to shake things off no matter if you win or lose, and move on. I think yesterday helped us.

On the send-off…
It’s great. We’ve got great fans here in Boston. They’ve been doing this many times. A lot of people show up all the time, so it’s really good to see.

On rebounding from Game 4…
Nothing special. Just move on. Take the good things, focus on the positive things and negative things, and see what you got to improve. That’s about it.

On what he’ll do on the plane…
Probably just have some lunch and watch a movie.

On practicing with the fourth line...
Obviously I was on that line, but I haven’t talked to Coach yet, so I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow.

On what he thinks he can bring in a situation like this...
I don’t know. I’ve been practicing for a long time now, so I feel ready. I’m a big guy and can protect the puck, I can get it deep and go from there.

On if he feels he’s been around the team long enough to make an impact...
Yeah, I’ve been here for 11 weeks now. I’m getting to know the system a lot. I haven’t played games in a while, but if I’m playing tomorrow, I think it’s gone well. I know everything.

On what it’s been like to be around the team in the Stanley Cup Final...
It’s amazing to be here. I love being here in Boston. Of course I want to play, but I haven’t done that yet. Hopefully, tomorrow.

On what kind of adjustment it will be to play in a game...
I think I have a lot of experience from before. I’ve played hockey for 10 years, so I know the game. If I play tomorrow, I have to keep it simple. Just get the puck out and get the puck in and then work from there.

On how many conversations he has with Coach Claude Julien during the last few weeks...
I don’t know. That’s between me and Claude.

On what goes into his mind as he gets ready for a Stanley Cup Final game...
I don’t know if I’m playing yet, I haven’t talked to him [Coach Julien] today. That would be amazing, of course.

On being around the team...
That has helped me a lot, to be here practicing with the team and get in warmups. You don’t play, but still you are there. I like the atmosphere and it would be amazing to play tomorrow, but I don’t know.

On how the fan send-off…
Yeah, absolutely. It’s nice to see. There’s a lot more than well I guess I couldn’t tell you how many there was last time, but it seems like there’s a lot more this time.

On if it helps having an extra day off after Game 4…
A little bit. You go over things you need to do better or things that you’ve done well. You get to rest your body and get back at it.

On what he saw on tape that they need to do better this time…
Just limit the turnovers. Obviously, they had a lot, but we did a lot of good things as well. We have to continue to do that.

On what it is like to have all the fans there to say goodbye…
It’s nice to see. A lot of fan support here. It just gives us a little extra boost.

On playing hockey on the longest day of the year…
Hopefully it won’t be warm in the area. [Laughter] Hopefully they’ve got the AC turned down.

On if winning in Chicago helps his confidence going into this game…
It doesn’t really matter at this point where we’re playing. I think both teams are just trying to worry about what they’re doing and trying to just battle as hard as you can to win a Cup.

On how they can correct the defensive problems from last game…
Just watching where guys are on the ice. They’re doing a good job getting lost and we just have to look around.

On Carl Soderberg skating on the Merlot Line and what he brings…
He’s a big body. He’s a big guy and he’s strong on the puck. Obviously, he knows how to get points so it’ll be good to see what happens.

On the Toews-Kane-Bickell combination and what they have to do to limit them…
Just limit the time and space that they have. That’s all.

On if that line does anything extra to cause problems…
I think we caused our own problems, but they did a good job by capitalizing on the opportunities.

On the sendoff...
Yeah, it’s great. I mean, we've always said the support we get from our fans here gives us a lot of energy and motivation and today's another great example.

On how the series is different from the beginning...
Yeah it's been an even and tight series and we're expecting the same thing again tomorrow. It's going to be a tough game. We just have to go out there and do the job.

On coming back to Boston...
Exactly. We're all worried about tomorrow's game right now.

On thinking more about goal locations...
I don’t know, I mean, last game, that was definitely the way the goals went it. But the same time we knew he was a great goalie and we have to put some more traffic in front of him and find ways to keep finding the back of the net.

On having all the fans there...
Yeah, I mean it’s a lot of fun. It's always nice to interact with fans and it's a great experience for both them and us.

On focus for tomorrow...
Yeah, I mean, obviously it's a brand new series and it’s always hard to win on away ice. We want to come out a lot stronger than we did last time.

On success winning road games...
I think it helps a ton. We know what to expect a bit more and that being said Chicago's been in this series just as much as we have. You know, it's going to be a long series still and it's one we're enjoying.

On line changes...
I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I think that for the guys that have been in the lineup they've been working hard. You know, I've been a healthy scratch as well in the playoffs so I know they're working hard and they're going to be ready to step in whenever they get called on.

On what Soderberg brings to the table...
Well, I mean, you know, just seeing him practice he has a lot of skill and he definitely works hard.

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