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Rest & Recovery in Shortened Season

B's and Coach talk about the balance of rest, recovery and staying sharp

Monday, 03.18.2013 / 6:10 PM ET / Features
By Caryn Switaj  -
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Rest & Recovery in Shortened Season
Coming into the shortened season, a look at the schedule showed the torrid pace that games would hit come March and April. Three games in four nights, five in seven. Back-to-back after back-to-back. Home and away. Planes and buses and hotels a plenty.

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WINNIPEG, MB - Coming into the shortened season, a look at the schedule showed the torrid pace that games would hit come March and April. Three games in four nights, five in seven. Back-to-back after back-to-back. Home and away. Planes and buses and hotels a plenty.

But every team is in the same situation, and every team has to battle through fatigue. As has been said in the Bruins' locker room and from other teams around the league, they acknowledge the toughness of the schedule, but don't use it as an excuse.

"It's the same thing as everybody else. We're dealing with a situation here where games are in a short span at times," said Coach Julien following Monday's practice at the MTS Iceplex in Winnipeg.

But when the B's do get a day for rest and recovery, Coach Julien and his staff make sure the Black & Gold get the most out of the day.

"Now, the biggest challenge is balancing the rest with practice time, keeping your team sharp and also giving them the rest that they need," added Coach. "If you're only giving rest I think it means your sharpness suffers from not practicing, and if you practice too much then you're not giving them enough rest."

"I think that is what every coach is talking about, and we're dealing with it on a daily basis differently."

"Sometimes a whole team stays back. Sometimes, as you saw today, certain players with lots of ice time are kept off the ice. We don't go out there very long, but we do think that's going to help us in trying to make the most of it."

About half of the B's took the ice for practice at the Iceplex, while most of the Bruins' top ice-time getters did not skate (for the full practice update, including the B's who skated, click here).

It was a much-needed day of rest, following three games in four days.

"It's huge," said Horton, one of the B's who had the chance to stay off the ice on Monday, on getting the recovery time. "Just so you get a day of rest on your body. The next day it makes it feel so much better and it helps so much. We're going to have to do that the rest of the year. We have a lot of games in a lot of nights."

"It's definitely tough on your body," the winger added. "You can't really do anything to prepare for it."

"We haven't fared too well in the last game, the third game, and that's something we need to be better at because I think we have a few more. We definitely have to be better at it."

Following the loss in Pittsburgh Sunday, there was talk about about how the tight, playoff-type game displayed the fatigue factor of the schedule.

"You see it. When we got on the plane after last game, you really felt like you had three games in four nights and five out of seven, you start feeling those games catching up to you," said Tyler Seguin, on feeling the effects of the schedule after the three-in-four that ended in Pittsburgh.

"But I think guys maintain their bodies well, and a lot that happens away from the rink is really going to show on the ice, how you take care of your body. And if you stay on top of it, you should be good."

For the players, they're trying their best to see past that element, because they enjoy playing games so often. Physically - and mentally - they just need to stay aware of throughout the labor of the season.

"I don't mind it. I kind of like playing a game and moving on because you know you've got a game the next day, or within two days," said Seguin. "I don't mind that part. Obviously, you've got to be careful of mentally fatiguing, I guess. You've got to stay on top of that. Obviously, sleep is a big importance with that."

While Seguin did take the ice for practice, his time away from the rink will be spent resting and getting ready for the Jets Tuesday night.

"I think I'm probably just going to watch some movies, go get some dinner," smiled the forward. "Pretty much that's it for the whole day."

Horton, happy for the R&R on Monday, was on par with Seguin in enjoying the amount of games, but knows the B's need to find ways to power through whenever the schedule starts to take its toll.

"I think we need to keep pressing and keep working hard and going in the grind here," said Horton. "It's a lot of fun to play every other night."

"The games are so close that you don't have a lot of rest. We definitely want to feel better about ourselves and play more as a team."




1 MTL 75 46 21 8 197 167 100
2 TBL 75 46 22 7 244 194 99
3 DET 73 39 22 12 212 201 90
4 OTT 73 37 25 11 213 195 85
5 BOS 74 36 25 13 195 193 85
6 FLA 74 34 26 14 184 202 82
7 TOR 75 27 42 6 194 241 60
8 BUF 74 20 46 8 141 249 48


P. Bergeron 73 21 31 2 52
L. Eriksson 73 19 23 0 42
D. Hamilton 72 10 32 -3 42
M. Lucic 73 15 25 10 40
B. Marchand 69 22 17 6 39
C. Soderberg 74 11 27 8 38
R. Smith 73 12 25 8 37
T. Krug 70 12 23 12 35
D. Krejci 39 7 21 7 28
C. Kelly 72 7 20 8 27
N. Svedberg 7 5 1 .919 2.30
T. Rask 29 19 12 .921 2.34
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