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Chiarelli Talks Change

Thursday, 05.20.2010 / 10:32 AM ET / Bish's Blog
By John Bishop  -
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Chiarelli Talks Change
Chiarelli will be busy this summer.
Let's face it. There's nothing that Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli could say on Tuesday that was going assuage the anguish felt by hockey fans in the Hub.

Short of turning back time, the GM was powerless to do anything about the B's excruciating exit. So, instead, the B's boardroom boss pointed his virtual time machine to the future.

"We will look to make some changes," he said when he spoke to the press on Tuesday. "As far as committed contracts and entry into the unrestricted free agent market, [the Bruins are] probably not going to be too heavy on entering the unrestricted free agent market.

"But there are other ways to facilitate change and you look to either the trade market or to talent from within and whether that’s prospects, post-draft players or whatnot."

"Change is a far-reaching word," continued Chiarelli. "It applies generally to the personnel.

"[We'll] dissect that series, and we look at deficiencies in our game and you address them as you look forward. I don’t just address that series and fix the team based on that series. I look at the whole thing. I look at the short-term, the middle-term, and the long-term."

Thanks to the resulting draft picks (2010 first and second round, and 2011 first round), the B's trade of Phil Kessel might generate the biggest change over the lengths of all of those varying lengths of time.

Seguin & Hall
"We are going to get a really good player and it is going to be one of those two forwards," said Chiarelli of NHL Central Scouting's top prospects -- Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall.

"As far as the immediate impact, it depends how you define impact," explained the GM. "I don’t want to put any pressure on any of these guys. They have to make the team too. I think you have seen, history has shown, that these players generally take half a year or a year to really get going but both Seguin and Hall are both really good players.

"I am excited about that. That is a feel good story so maybe [the hockey media] can write about that too."

Previous Bruins draft picks and prospects are expected to press for major league playing time as well. Zach Hamill (Boston's first pick, eighth overall in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft) and Joe Colborne (Boston's first pick, 16th overall in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft) were the two players mentioned by the media during Tuesday's season-ending press conference.

"Obviously, we can’t commit to anything with those young players as far as being on the roster but...part of the plan is to inject this youth each year and to grow the organization and grow your team, so they are going to have a shot, is what I can tell you," said Chiarelli. "Zach [Hamill] improved greatly in the latter half of the year and he is still very young and I thought he acquitted himself well in the game that he played [vs. Washington on 4/11].

"Joe [Colborne]...had a tremendous collegiate year. I know he started strong down there, he had a rough last game but he made some terrific plays and he is still growing."

Chiarelli was asked if a complacency had worked its way into the organization.

"I don’t know if complacency is the right word but there isn’t that extra ‘oomph.’ Whatever you want to call it -- it isn’t there," said Chiarelli of the B's historic loss. "It has only happened two or three times in history so there is obviously something there or there was obviously something missing.

"What can I do to eradicate it? I think we are going to learn from it. I think you saw that push at the end of the regular season. With the up and down year we had in the regular season, I think the guys came together so I think you saw that and we learned from last year and the year before what it takes to get in despite...what happened the first part of the season.

"As far as going forward, that is player personnel that I will look at and there is instilling an attitude from me, through Claude [Julien] and to the rest of the group," added the GM. "I am here all summer. Claude is here all summer. I have to live with it.

"And I talked to half the players this morning and these guys are shaking their heads so you have to learn from it. They are professionals and they will move on, but there is an issue there. I don’t know if there is one answer...[but] we will figure it out."




1 y - MTL 82 50 22 10 214 184 110
2 x - TBL 82 50 24 8 259 206 108
3 x - DET 82 43 25 14 231 211 100
4 x - OTT 82 43 26 13 232 208 99
5 BOS 82 41 27 14 209 201 96
6 FLA 82 38 29 15 198 213 91
7 TOR 82 30 44 8 206 257 68
8 BUF 82 23 51 8 153 269 54


P. Bergeron 81 23 32 2 55
L. Eriksson 81 22 25 1 47
M. Lucic 81 18 26 13 44
C. Soderberg 82 13 31 10 44
B. Marchand 77 24 18 5 42
D. Hamilton 72 10 32 -3 42
R. Smith 81 13 27 7 40
T. Krug 78 12 27 13 39
D. Krejci 47 7 24 7 31
C. Kelly 80 7 21 6 28
T. Rask 34 21 13 .922 2.30
N. Svedberg 7 5 1 .918 2.33
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