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Rinkside Chats presented by Covidien

Chat Transcript: Shawn Thornton

Tuesday, 08.11.2009 / 9:00 AM / Rinkside Chats presented by Covidien
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Chat Transcript: Shawn Thornton
Shawn Thornton Chat (08/11/2009) 

  Shawn Thornton:  Thanks guys, sorry again for the technical problems... looking forward to the start of the season.
Shawn Thornton:  I think my invitation to camp got lost in the mail!
3:13 [Comment From Number7 ]
Are you going to the olympics?
Shawn Thornton:  and it looks like Bitzy ran away with the Vlog poll so he will be the first guest.
Shawn Thornton:  I do have to run guys, I will take one more...
Shawn Thornton:  Very excited, I love watching the German fly around out there.
3:12 [Comment From Randy ]
Are you excited for the return of Sturm? Is he as intense as he looks?
Shawn Thornton:  

Was done working out hours ago! Thanks for keeping tabs on me coach.

3:11 [Comment From Claude Julien ]
Don't you think you should be working out?
Shawn Thornton:  Other ones that I'd recommend are anywhere south if you plan on going in the middle of the winter.
Shawn Thornton:  A sleeper city is Nashville but I don't think we play there this year
3:10 [Comment From Number7 ]
We are thinking of attending a few away games. Which cities would you recommend?
Shawn Thornton:  

Only when I screw up and coach makes me watch video.

3:10 [Comment From Kori ]
Do you ever watch replays of your games?
Shawn Thornton:  Hopefully I will have my own room this year.
Shawn Thornton:  Last year it was Hnidy... he was a great roommate but I won't have to listen to his snoring now!
3:08 [Comment From Mathew ]
Who is your roomate(s) on road games?
Shawn Thornton:  Right now, probably Roy "Doc" Halladay
3:07 [Comment From craig ]
who is your favorite athlete? and why
Shawn Thornton:  We have a great relationship, we are good friends.
3:06 [Comment From Vaso ]
What iz your relasionship with lucic?
Shawn Thornton:  Depends if there is strictly a tough guys category, then I'd take a late round flyer on me!
3:05 [Comment From Craig McMaster ]
would you pick yourself for a fantasy hockey team?
Shawn Thornton:  Unfortunately scoring a goal happens less often, but I do enjoy both.
3:04 [Comment From sabby ]
shawn what do you enjoy doing more winning a fight or scoring a goal?
Shawn Thornton:  Other than the Garden obviously, I like playing in Toronto because my family is usually at the game and playing in Chicago when the rink is full.
3:04 [Comment From Lamplighter ]
What's your favorite city to play in?(Best arena)
Shawn Thornton:  The eye in the sky! One of our assistant coaches...
3:03 [Comment From Tyrone Jackson ]
Who is Houda?
Shawn Thornton:  I can't believe no one is voting for Houda!
Shawn Thornton:  Day games I'll go grab a bite to eat somewhere in town.
Shawn Thornton:  

Night games I usually just go home and have something to eat.

Shawn Thornton:  It depends on what time the game is at.
3:01 [Comment From Craig McMaster ]
What do you normally do after game time? Would it ever differ depending on a win/loss?
Shawn Thornton:  Not much to tell the truth... it usually just happens.
3:00 [Comment From kori ]
What goes through your mind during a fight, or right before one?
Who be the first player to appear on my Vlog?
Bitzy Cat
 ( 38% )
 ( 15% )
 ( 16% )
 ( 10% )
 ( 12% )
Doug Houda
 ( 9% )
Shawn Thornton:  

Hold on I am going to create a poll...

Shawn Thornton:  Let me guess, slap shot five hole??
2:57 [Comment From Zdeno Chara ]
Well, it is, thank you very much. I will beat you in a shoot out!
Shawn Thornton:  Matt Hunwick.
2:56 [Comment From BigBad22 ]
Who on the team is surprisingly tough? We've seen Krejci and Bergeron go at it last season... who on the team would surprise another team if they got into a bout?
Shawn Thornton:  Growing up I played lacrosse.
2:56 [Comment From Kori ]
Do you play any other sports outside of hockey?
Shawn Thornton:  I don't believe that thats Zdeno Chara
2:55 [Comment From Zdeno Chara ]
I dont beleive that its Shawn.
Shawn Thornton:  It's good to get asked different questions than the ones i get asked every day after practice and after games.
Shawn Thornton:  I do actually, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
2:54 [Comment From matt ]
shawn honestly do you like doing this?
Shawn Thornton:  Last year, the European players loved their dance music which I'm not really in to.
2:53 [Comment From bruins 60 ]
other than Savard, who as the worst taste in music??
Shawn Thornton:  Other than myself, I would have to say Andy Ference.
2:52 [Comment From James O ]
Who has the best taste in music in the locker room, in your opininion...
Shawn Thornton:  Toronto... I grew up a half hour outside TO
2:51 [Comment From ME ]
What was your favorite hockey team growing up
Shawn Thornton:  From here on out, it's Shawn. Let's try this again... round 3.
Shawn Thornton:  We try here on I am heading to Kitchener with the rookies on September 5th. I think I should be able to live blog the games.

Shawn is back by the way. Shawn came down to my office and is answering on my name.
2:49 [Comment From Bryan ]
Thanks for the Bruins coverage Bish
John Bishop:  Poorly.
2:48 [Comment From Lamplighter ]
Bish do you play any puck?
John Bishop:  Yep. We'll have a link on the front page, as well.
2:48 [Comment From Conor M ]
Bish will the log be posted? i have to go soon
John Bishop:  That was funny.
John Bishop:  

Who said that the software must've been written in Montreal?

What is your favorite Bruins jersey?
 ( 45% )
 ( 11% )
 ( 45% )
John Bishop:  Shawn stepped away for a sec. Here's a poll.
John Bishop:  Great questions, folks! Keep em coming.
Shawn Thornton:  Coffee and loud music in my ipod.... which helps me avoid Savvy's tunes.
2:44 [Comment From Ryan ]
Hey Shawn, is their anything special you do to get pumped up before a game?
Shawn Thornton:  I really liked the third jerseys, I think we look mean in all black... and Z looks even bigger.
2:43 [Comment From samanthabicica ]
Hey Shawn! Did you like the third jerseys this season?
Shawn Thornton:  We also felt heartbreak, disappointment and anger. Hopefully that will carry over to this season.
2:42 [Comment From Kevin ]
Shawn, i was personally there game 7 vs Carolina, please explain the emotions after the game, because i definitely know mine was heartbreak.
Shawn Thornton:  

On Thanksgiving I invite everyone over that doesn't have family in the area or anyone to cook for them.

2:41 [Comment From Lori ]
Do you always have the new players/rookies over your house for dinner?
Shawn Thornton:  A very European flair for clothing
2:40 [Comment From bruins 46 ]
With Axelsson going home to Sweden, what will the team be losing??
Shawn Thornton:  Entourage is the only thing I really tivo, but there's a bunch of cooking shows my wife tapes.
2:38 [Comment From Ryan K. ]
Whats on your Tivo? Other than sports...
Shawn Thornton:  Monster Seats, let me know if you can find some!
2:37 [Comment From Aaron ]
Where do you think would be the best place to sit to watch the winter classic at Fenway?
Shawn Thornton:  

It depends on the event.... he might get me in the joust with his long reach, but I would definitely have the advantage in Atlassphere!

2:36 [Comment From pichichi ]
Who would have a better chance at American Gladaitors? You or Chara?
Shawn Thornton:  Sweeping Montreal.
2:35 [Comment From Kevin ]
Shawn, what was your happiest moment of the 08-09 season?
Shawn Thornton:  Not as many as I would like to... went to a bunch last summer.
2:34 [Comment From smoothbravo ]
Have you been to any Red Sox game this summer? You know, to scope out Fenway??
Shawn Thornton:  Listen in and see if I'm deserving! Those are big shoes to fill...
Shawn Thornton:  I actually might have a tryout this Friday at 8 am with those guys.
2:32 [Comment From Conor M ]
are you gonna fill in wards spot on toucher and rich?
Shawn Thornton:  Growing up it was Wendel Clark Cam Neely and Bob Probert.
2:31 [Comment From Matt Bradbury ]
Hey Shawn, do you have a favorite player? You know, either growing up, or right now?
Shawn Thornton:  He's a great leader.
Shawn Thornton:  He definitely leads by example. When he speaks, everyone listens. He knows when he has to speak up.
2:30 [Comment From Dave ]
Shawn, I hope your summer's going well. My question is about Zdeno -- What type of leader is he in the clubhouse? Is he vocal, or is he more silent, tending to lead by example?
Shawn Thornton:  Any time I have played against a guy that I despised playing against, that usually means that he's a guy you want on your team. I am excited to be playing with him.
2:28 [Comment From HanoverStBs ]
Going from being a pest on the Habs, is it going to be hard to accept Begin onto the team despite all of the antics he may have pulled on you and your teammates in the past? And also, will Julien control him a little more? Or will he let Begin continue his what some say is "less than clean" play?
Shawn Thornton:  Haha
2:26 [Comment From Ben ]
Shawn, is it true that you're the best Thornton to have played in Boston?
Shawn Thornton:  Savard, by a big margin.
2:26 [Comment From craig ]
who is better at golf you or savard
Shawn Thornton:  Yes, he will definitely be in the mix. We want to please the masses and they want more Bitzy Cat.
2:25 [Comment From BruinsfaninCO ]
Can we expect to see Byron Bitz actually show up with you on a vlog this season?
Shawn Thornton:  Yeah I still talk to Reicher when he feels like calling me back... I think putting the C on that jersey really went to his head
2:24 [Comment From Yigi ]
Do you keep in touch with people after they go back don to Providence or when they ever get traded? For example jeremy Reich
Shawn Thornton:  Really nice guy, him and his corner.
Shawn Thornton:  Kelly Pavlik, I had the privilege of meeting him in Anaheim before he was the champ.
2:22 [Comment From Lamplighter ]
Do you have a favorite boxer shawn?
Shawn Thornton:  It's going to be a great experience, not only for me but for the team and the fans.
Shawn Thornton:  Definitely, who isn't?
2:21 [Comment From Stephanie ]
Hey Shawn, are you excited for the winter classic?
Shawn Thornton:  Boxing is just a way to increase my conditioning in the summer
Shawn Thornton:  

Haha no... my main focus is always on winning hockey games first.

2:20 [Comment From Nayati ]
Is boxing how you get ready to play against montreal!
Shawn Thornton:  It was a long road to get here, but it was definitely worth it.
Shawn Thornton:  No, I was always the last kid cut or the last kid to make the team.
2:19 [Comment From Caily ]
Did you ever expect to be playing in the NHL when you were growing up?
Shawn Thornton:  I'm looking forward to meeting all my new teammates when they get to town.
2:18 [Comment From Todd B. ]
Shawn, this coming season brings some interesting new faces to the team. Is there anyone in particular you're looking forward to skating with?
Shawn Thornton:  Extremely excited. Never been in a helicopter before. I think the whole itinerary is on the website... I'll get a tour, meet a lot of the officers stationed there and hopefully jump out of a moving helicopter!
2:17 [Comment From Pezell ]
Hey Shawn, how excited are you to tour the Southeastern New England Coast Guard Sector at the Woods Hole Air Force Base tomorrow? What do they have in store for you?
Shawn Thornton:  We will miss them, but I'm confident in the group we have that we'll be fine.
Shawn Thornton:  But as far as the atmosphere goes, I think we have most of the core guys back to keep a good locker room.
Shawn Thornton:  

I'll personally miss those two becaus they were two of my closest friends on the team

2:15 [Comment From Chandal22 ]
Hey Shawn(: What did you think the atmosphere in the lockeroom is going to be like with the loss of wardo & shane?
Shawn Thornton:  I'm back guys, sorry for the technical difficulties
2:14 [Comment From Ryan K. ]
John Bishop:  Shawn is right here. Chillin'.
John Bishop:  Hang tight. New software. More bells and whistles.
2:12 [Comment From Conor M ]
i want to ask shawn some questions, whats the deal Bish
2:12 [Comment From Somethings Bruin ]
Not surprised to see Carolina after the 2nd round and offseason trade
2:11 [Comment From Matt Bradbury ]
Winter classic ALL DAY!
John Bishop:  Thank you Sam!
2:11 [Comment From samanthabicica ]
Maybe they mean the Winter Classic
John Bishop:  Well I was thinking Winter Classic...
2:11 [Comment From Ryan K. ]
Philly? Who the heck is looking forward to Philly over Montreal????
John Bishop:  Montreal in the lead by a whopping margin!
Which rivalry game are you most looking forward to?
 ( 83% )
New York
 ( 2% )
 ( 2% )
 ( 11% )
 ( 2% )
John Bishop:  In the mean time. How about a poll?
John Bishop:  Hey guys, there are lots of good questions coming in...we're having a little bit of a technical glitch. Hang in there.
Shawn Thornton:  It's going by fast. Golfing, boxing and enjoying Boston's restaurant scene.
2:04 [Comment From CT_Bs_Fan ]
Hey Shawn, how has your off season been going? What non hockey stuff have you been doing?
Shawn Thornton:  

Montreal, I always enjoy the rivalry.

2:02 [Comment From Ryan K. ]
What team are you most looking forward to playing and why?
Shawn Thornton:  

Thanks for joining me guys... let's get going with the questions.

1:58 [Video file] Shawn Thornton Highlight Video Play
John Bishop:  Here is a Shawn Thornton highlight video to get things fired up.
John Bishop:  Hello everyone. Let's get started.
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