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Gagne, Art (R) Oct 11, 1897 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Gagne, Pierre (L) Jun 5, 1940 North Bay, ON, CAN
Gagnon, Johnny (R) Jun 8, 1905 Chicoutimi, QC, CAN
Gainor, Dutch (C) Apr 10, 1904 Calgary, AB, CAN
Galbraith, Percy (L) Dec 5, 1898 Toronto, ON, CAN
Galley, Garry (D) Apr 16, 1963 Montreal, QC, CAN
Gallinger, Don (C) Apr 16, 1925 Port Colborne, ON, CAN
Gamble, Bruce (G) May 24, 1938 Port Arthur, ON, CAN
Gardiner, Bert (G) Mar 25, 1913 Saskatoon, SK, CAN
Gardner, Cal (C) Oct 30, 1924 Transcona, MB, CAN
Gariepy, Ray (D) Sep 4, 1928 Toronto, ON, CAN
Gaudreault, Armand (L) Jul 14, 1921 Lac St-Jean, QC, CAN
Gauthier, Jean (D) Apr 29, 1937 Montreal, QC, CAN
Gelineau, Jack (G) Nov 11, 1924 Toronto, ON, CAN
Gendron, Jean-guy (L) Aug 30, 1934 Montreal, QC, CAN
Geran, Gerry (C) Aug 3, 1896 Holyoke, MA, USA
Getliffe, Ray (C) Apr 3, 1914 Galt, ON, CAN
Gibbs, Barry (D) Sep 28, 1948 Lloydminster, SK, CAN
Gibson, Douglas (C) Sep 28, 1953 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Gilbert, Gilles (G) Mar 31, 1949 St. Esprit, QC, CAN
Gilbert, Jeannot (C) Dec 29, 1940 Grande Baie, QC, CAN
Gill, Andre (G) Sep 19, 1941 Sorel, QC, CAN
Gill, Hal (D) Apr 6, 1975 Concord, MA, USA
Gillis, Michael (L) Dec 1, 1958 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Girard, Jonathan (D) BOS May 27, 1980 Rawdonte, QC, CAN
Giroux, Art (R) Jun 6, 1908 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Gladu, Jean-Paul (L) Jun 20, 1921 St-Hyacinthe, QC, CAN
Glennon, Matthew (L) Sep 20, 1968 Quincy, MA, USA
Godfrey, Warren (D) Mar 23, 1931 Toronto, ON, CAN
Goldsworthy, Bill (R) Aug 24, 1944 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Goldsworthy, Leroy (R) Oct 18, 1906 Two Harbors, MN, USA
Gonchar, Sergei (D) DAL Apr 13, 1974 Chelyabinsk, RUS
Gordon, Fred (R) May 6, 1900 Fleming, SK, CAN
Goren, Lee (R) Dec 26, 1977 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Goring, Robert (C) Oct 22, 1949 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Gould, Robert (R) Sep 2, 1957 Petrolia, ON, CAN
Gracie, Bob (C) Nov 8, 1910 North Bay, ON, CAN
Gradin, Thomas (C) Feb 18, 1956 Solleftea, SWE
Graham, Rod (L) Aug 19, 1946 London, ON, CAN
Graham, Ted (D) Jan 30, 1906 Owen Sound, ON, CAN
Grahame, John (G) Aug 31, 1975 Denver, CO, USA
Grahame, Ronald (G) Jun 7, 1950 Victoria, BC, CAN
Grant, Benny (G) Jul 14, 1908 Owen Sound, ON, CAN
Gray, Terry (R) Mar 21, 1938 Montreal, QC, CAN
Green, Edward (D) Mar 23, 1940 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Green, Red (L) Dec 12, 1899 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Green, Travis (C) Dec 20, 1970 Castlegar, BC, CAN
Gronsdahl, Lloyd (R) May 10, 1921 Norquay, SK, CAN
Grosek, Michal (L) Jun 1, 1975 Vyskov, CZE
Gross, Lloyd (L) Sep 5, 1905 Berlin, ON, CAN
Grosso, Don (L) Apr 12, 1915 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Gruden, John (D) Jun 4, 1970 Virginia, MN, USA
Gryp, Bob (L) May 6, 1950 Chatham, ON, CAN
Guay, Paul (R) Sep 2, 1963 Providence, RI, USA
Guerin, Bill (R) Nov 9, 1970 Worcester, MA, USA
Guidolin, Bep (L) Dec 9, 1925 Thorold, ON, CAN
Guite, Ben (R) Jul 17, 1978 Montreal, QC, CAN
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